About Me

I am a computer scientist focusing on cryptography and distributed systems. I currently work in the Cryptography Research Group of MongoDB where I design protocols to integrate cryptography into large distributed storage systems, thus making them inherently secure to use.

Even though I am a cryptographer by training, I have very broad research interests touching multiple subfields of computer science, including approximation algorithms, databases, and social networks. For example, during my stay at IBM Research, I developed data analysis and visualization tools for large weather datasets, and also designed approximation algorithms for set cover and resource allocation problems.

Before joining MongoDB, I was an Assistant Professor for a year at Denison University in Ohio, where I taught both introductory and intermediate CS courses. In general, I like to experiment with non-traditional teaching methods such as flipped classrooms, group exercises to teach content, and theming courses to make them more fun.

In my spare time, you can find me challenging a friend to a card game; I take pride in knowing at least 30 of them. I am passionate about all things beach-related, watercoloring, and Hindi music. I dream of one day owning a board-game cafe on an ocean beach where people can paint and play to relax with Hindi music older than 2010 playing in the background. I love cricket but I am very slowly moving toward soccer.